Gilmore Girls Season Seven: Mid-Season Update

I’m now about halfway through season 7 of Gilmore Girls, and… I’m actually kind of enjoying it?

The first couple of episodes were bleak, which, combined with people’s dislike of the season, always put me off before. But actually, Lane’s plotline aside, I think it’s totally worth watching.

Rory’s stuff is pretty great. I wish I’d seen this six years ago, when I was a senior grappling with impending graduation. I’ve always connected with Rory, and the conversations about how even the English majors are becoming investment bankers and maybe they should just apply to law school before it’s too late could genuinely have come from my life. I had so many panics about how the only acceptable jobs were in banking and everyone had their lives sorted out but me, and what would life for me even be after college?? I’d worked for this my whole life, and it was about to vanish. So A++ plotline, Gilmore Girls writers.

Also loooove the way the show is grappling with Rory’s own privilege — challenging her idea that she’s different, when she’s a prep school legacy with rich donor parents too. The past couple of episodes I’ve seen have had Rory seriously screwing up and being mean, and unlike in the ballerina review episode, her meanness is presented as a not-so-great thing. Also also, I love that Rory is friends with Jessica Jones/the B in Apartment 23.

I’m also really, really enjoying Luke’s plotline with April, now there’s not all that stupid drama with Lorelai lurking over it. And even the much-hated Lorelai plotline isn’t actually so bad. Sure, she married Christopher in Paris, and that probably pissed off the fans at the time, but she’s blatantly unsure about it all from the beginning.

What was that stupid Christopher and Luke fight, though? Was that something fans were rooting for? Cos it was so weirdly shot and unnecessary, like it had been taken from a different show.

And it does seem really, really weird to have Gilmore Girls without coffee in Luke’s multiple times a day.

Halfway through, and I’d probably give this a B so far. Maybe a B+. But I’m basically blind and spoiler free about where the story goes from “Lorelai writes Luke a character reference” onwards, so… we’ll see where it goes.

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  1. Hannah March 20, 2017

    Yay, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I wish the world at large were kinder to season 7. And I’m excited to hear what you think of the back half of the season; so many things happen that I love a lot. (And some things that I don’t love at all, because of course, this is Gilmore Girls and it can’t ever uncomplicatedly just make all my dreams come true.)


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