Gilmore Girls Season Seven

Why. why, why??

I have a confession. I’ve never seen S7 of Gilmore Girls.

I’ve rewatched the early seasons a kajillion times. I’ve sat through the spiral of despair that is S6 at least thrice. But then Luke punches Christopher and Lane is pregnant and I just stop watching, every time. I’ve seen the first three episodes in full, as of today (I’d only seen the first two before), and watched, I think, the final three episodes once, from karaoke onwards, but the middle is a great big ball of nope. Darkness and question marks and possibly dragons.

Everything is just so miserable. I want to keep watching, because yay, Gilmore Girls! But everyone seems to be on the worst possible path, and it’s just not fun to watch. Maybe I’ll end my rewatch marathon here and never see it. Or maybe I’ll just angry!blog about it. That’s my usual go-to these days. 😛

Even rewatching S6 has really changed my feelings on the Netflix revival. It’s ten years later, and Luke and Lorelai still aren’t married, after all that drama and heartbreak about the wedding date in S6? Why isn’t Lane a rockstar?? Why is Logan still doing everything his dad tells him to do? I’ve heard the argument that the Netflix revival is actually what the showrunners planned to follow S6 with before they left the show, which I can totally see, but as it stands, it’s just more depressingness on top of all this existing depressingness. Bah.

Also, was there ever a love interest on Gilmore Girls who wasn’t awful at least some of the time? Max? Dave Rygalski, before the actor ran off to The OC? Logan is frequently a jerk. Luke acts horribly to Lorelai. And don’t even get me started on Zack.

I’m just very conflicted. I love Gilmore Girls, and there are almost 20 episodes that I haven’t seen. So I should want to watch them. Right? At least to find out more about what happens? But… what’s happening is so depressing and OOC. Maybe I’ll just skip back to S1 again. Back to Max Medina and Rory’s car being hit by a deer and Lorelai hounding Luke for coffee and Lane not being married to stupid Zack. Such cuter, simpler times.


  1. Hannah March 5, 2017

    FACT: If you make it through the depressing-ish (specifically depressing in the Lorelai department; there’s some entertaining stuff going on elsewhere) first eight or so episodes of season seven, I am of the opinion that it gets quite wonderful (and I wish ASP had been more faithful to its developments in the revival). The back half of the season has some truly good stuff in it, and I get the feeling that the new showrunner was trying as hard as possible to dig the show out of the pit of misery that was season six and return to a peppier tone. If you feel too bogged down by the start of the season, I recommend starting at “Santa’s Secret Stuff” and watching through to the end. (Which, the series finale is one of my very favorite finales ever; it is pretty much perfect.) There are still some ‘why did this have to happen’ missteps — in particular, pregnancy-related stuff featuring Sookie and Lane — but I feel like overall, the season is on par with or maybe even a little bit better (certainly cheerfuller!) than season six.

    • Rhiannon March 6, 2017

      OK, I am going to give it a try! I don’t feel ready to end my Gilmore Girls marathon rewatch yet anyway, haha. It’s just been so DEPRESSING the past few episodes. But then again, the second half of S6 was like that too, and this is just the fallout. Honestly, people talk about the show collapsing after the original showrunners left, but I feel like there were massive story problems in S6, and I can’t imagine where they would have gone in the original S7 that would’ve been good. I guess the same place as the revival, with weird Rory/Logan transatlantic affair and surprise!pregnancy, bleh.

      I won’t forgive them for Lane’s plotline so far, though. 😛

  2. Hannah March 5, 2017

    ALSO, regarding the Horrible Love Interests conundrum (which I agree is one of the things that plagues GG, and sort of has since the early Days of Dean) — I feel like season 7 also does some deliberate work to have the male characters improve themselves as partners, particularly in the Logan, Zach, and Luke departments. Also-also, how obvious is it that I could probably write about Gilmore Girls all day every day? 😛


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