February Highlights

Because I might have gotten stressed and sick, but loads of great things still happened!

1. Long May She Reign was released into the world! It’s been so exciting seeing pictures of people’s copies and hearing people’s thoughts about it. Also…

2. I got my own copies of Long May She Reign in the post, completely unexpectedly, and I was blown away by them. I opened the box expecting paperbacks of Kingdom of Ashes, and when I saw the back of a beautiful glossy hardback, I thought, “Oh, my editor must have sent me another Harper book as a freebie.” Then I turned it over, saw it was my book, and my jaw dropped at how shiny and beautiful it looked. THANK YOU, amazing cover design people! You are amazing!

3. One of my books was translated for the first time! A Wicked Thing is now out in German, and eeee, it’s so exciting!

4. Also in publishing, Bustle featured an article about science in Long May She Reign, and it was the coolest thing ever.

Hermione is the best DM

5. Speaking of Bustle, they also recommended Feminist Fiction in a post on 6 Blogs & Podcasts for Book-Loving Feminists. I feel so honored! Bustle are definitely my new favorite people.

6. I ran my second Dungeons and Dragons session as Dungeon Master and nearly perma-killed my BFF when she decided to insult an ancient white dragon. Life advice: don’t sass dragons when you’re level 5. They’ll do 73 damage with their ice breath and you’ll be super dead.

7. I went outdoor iceskating! Unfortunately, it was a freakishly warm day, and the ice turned to slush in about five minutes… but I didn’t fall over, and that’s the important thing!

8. I finally met my friend’s GORGEOUS old German Shepherd, Taz. LOOK HOW FLUFFY! (I promise he looked more enthusiastic when I met him :P)

9. Pokemon Go GEN 2! Mostly, this has revealed to me that I barely remember anything about the Pokemon beyond the original 151 and Togepi, thanks to the cartoon. Ad breaks of “who’s that Pokemon??” prepped me for recognising the original 151 based on their shadow. Now I’m just like, “oh, there’s a… fish… dog… thing nearby?” Still, Furret is adorable.

10. I’ve been studying Chinese! I’m starting to move beyond “Hi, my name is Rhiannon” to basic grammatical structures. Simple past tense! Using adjectives! Saying something is more X than something else! I’m taking a class at the local university to practice speaking, and I’m doing a lot of my extra study with an app called ChineseSkill, which is kind of Duolingo for Chinese, with a microphone feature that grades your pronunciation. Also, it has a cute panda logo! And for listening practice, I’m watching a Chinese drama on Netflix called Miss in Kiss. It’s a Taiwanese remake of a Japanese drama based on a manga called Itazura na Kiss. It’s not great, but it’s melodramatic in a fun way, and it’s good for getting more familiar with the language.

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